Covid World Change

Covid-19 Obligations Under the WHS Model Act

As the COVID-19 situation is evolving, learning and development professionals must continue to assess the risks and review relevant control measures to ensure their safety and the safety of learners during any in-person/face-to-face event.

The  Work Health and Safety (Model) Act requires you to take care of the health, safety and welfare of others in the learning environment.

This includes:

  • providing and maintaining a learning environment that is without risk to health and safety – in particular, areas where training, learning, and coaching are undertaken.
  • providing adequate and accessible facilities for the welfare of workers to undertake training activities; and
  • monitoring the health of workers and the conditions for the purpose of preventing illness or injury.


Our policies include:

  • you must comply with any public health orders made by state and territory governments that apply to you, your workplace or learning environment, including those mandating vaccination of particular workers.
  • to deliver face-to-face training, learning, coaching and/or assessment where all participants are fully vaccinated. (Conditional to workplace policy)
  • your staff and contractors are fully vaccinated. (Conditional to workplace policy)
  • ensuring adequate control measures in your workplace or learning environment, such as:
  • wearing masks wherever possible and practical
  • ensuring you or learners do not come to work when unwell
  • practicing physical distancing
  • practicing good hygiene, and
  • increasing cleaning and maintenance

Reference and Further Reading

Sample Cancellation Policy Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Here are some sample COVID cancellation clauses:

  1. Border closure(s) leading to last minute course cancellation and/or <your name> not permitted to travel from <location>: to <location>:
    – <your name> will not charge <client> a cancellation fee
    – If changes in airfare and accommodation are required, these will be carried out by <client>
  2. Border closure(s) prohibiting re-entry to <your state>:
    – <client> will pay for necessary accommodation and reasonable food costs until return travel to <your state/city> is permitted.
  3. If <your name> is required to quarantine / self-isolate at a location other than home – <client> will cover any associated costs
    If required to quarantine / self-isolate at home – <your name> will cover any associated costs.