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Hybrid Working: Busting the Productivity Myth by Telstra News

Hybrid Working: Busting the Productivity Myth by Telstra News

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We are all different. We all have our own personal challenges, work in different ways and care about different things. As cities and offices start to open back up, embracing a hybrid way of working will allow everyone to thrive.

If anything, the last 18 months has given us a deeper glimpse into these differences – some have loved the previously unknown flexibility, while others had a harder time with isolation or working while homeschooling. Through all of this, it has become clearer than ever that a one size fits all way of working is not the right way.

At a time when lockdowns are starting to lift, organisations are thinking about return to office plans and there is growing interest worldwide in what has been termed “The Great Resignation”, how, when and what we work on is increasingly important to us all – as business leaders and as employees.

So, we recently commissioned a landmark report that found businesses that have adopted hybrid working, turbo-charged by the Covid-19 pandemic, overall have higher income, productivity, and levels of innovation.

In fact, Australia’s economy could be $18 billion larger and more than 42,000 extra full-time jobs could be created over the next decade if the country adopts a hybrid working future.

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