The Learning Gym Masterclass
Trade Exhibition

Why trade shows and exhibitions help employee development. 

Why attending trade shows and exhibitions helps employee learning,…
4 common mistakes made by aspiring course creators

4 Mistakes Made by Aspiring Course Creators and How to Avoid Them

4 common mistakes made by aspiring course creators and how you…
Partner Showcase CCS VFE

Recording – Facilitation in a Virtual Facilitation Environment

ILP Partner Showcase: Facilitation and Coaching with virtual…
Ready-Set-Go-Show Wins Gold

Congrats to Life Fellow, Geoff Rip on Gold Award win from LearnX

Ready-Set-Go-Show Wins Gold   ILP is delighted to share…
ILP Masterclass - Stage presence for presenters
Build your career

WANTED: L&D Coordinator in Fantastic team culture! Brisbane CBD

ILP regularly gets requests from organisations looking for L&D…
New World Kirkpatrick Model – Creating and Demonstrating Value
ILP Masterclass - Critical Conversations