Ready-Set-Go-Show Wins Gold

Congrats to Life Fellow, Geoff Rip on Gold Award win from LearnX

Ready-Set-Go-Show Wins Gold


ILP is delighted to share the news that Geoff Rip has received a Gold Award from LearnX in the category Best Learning Model: Custom/Bespoke.

In his post Geoff says:

As much as I appreciate the recognition, this award is a symbol to me of the challenge, effort, stress, and success in developing an online business while in lockdown. It took a lot longer and much more learning than I had anticipated, but I can honestly say it has been one of the best experiences of my career.

The shift to online gave me the incentive to re-evaluate and rethink my financial acumen training. As a consequence I believe the program described in my submission is the best financial program I have delivered (and I’ve delivered more than 600 so far). Even though my face-to-face courses got excellent reviews, the new online training is far superior because of the design methodology and digital technology that underpins it.

Geoff’s LinkedIn article is well worth a read for anyone looking to adapt their material to a new normal in learning and development.

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