WorkPlan Learning

A Collaborative LMS to Create Competitive Advantage

WorkPlan Learning gives you the tools to help your internal or external clients in an easy-to-use collaborative learning management system.

Implement team learning to increase engagement and productivity

With WorkPlan Learning team members can create and share content within learning and knowledge portfolios.  Team members will interact, motivate and help each other to learn and practice the skills and capabilities needed for their own development and to move your organisation forward.

Create personal learning experiences with coaching and mentoring

Create personal learning experiences in WorkPlan Learning with online content supported by discussions, individual feedback on assessments and surveys, private events with individual employees or open events for the team or cohort. WorkPlan Learning has the tools and content for managers, coaches and mentors to assess training needs and deliver personal learning experiences and development pathways.

Manage employee compliance requirements

WorkPlan Learning makes it easy to keep track and report on employee compliance records, training requirements and policies all in one place! Use our ready-made compliance courses and policy templates alongisde tools to create custom assessments with employee certificate uploads. Ensure people maintain their compliance with configurable expiry tracking and email notifications.

Automate employee onboarding and induction

Develop client specific onboarding and induction training with rapid development tools in WorkPlan Learning, in hours, not days.  Automate onboarding and induction programs to get people off to a great start.

Align learning and skill development to business goals

WorkPlan Learning delivers the alignment of learning and knowledge sharing directly connected to team objectives and supporting goals.  Analytic reports give employees, managers and administrators a clear line of sight to progress, achievements and areas for action.


Together, people achieve amazing things.

WorkPlan Learning makes it happen.

Getting started is easy.  Get in touch with us to explore how we can help your people develop and your business grow.