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The Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP) is a leading industry body for anyone who enhances the performance, capability, or behaviours of others. We have been trusted advisors in the L&D industry for over 16 years, and we currently have over 4300 members (and growing) across Asia Pacific.

  • Supporting L&D Professionals

    We support individuals and organisations to improve the quality and outcomes of their learning initiatives, as well as grow their business or career. So, if you are an internal or external trainer, facilitator, teacher, coach, assessor, instructional designer, or an RTO or L&D Corporate team, we welcome you to join our L&D community.

  • Providing "Real World" Pathways and Value

    ILP is setting new industry benchmarks through research and creating solutions to enhance the skills, knowledge, community and acumen for the current and future needs for anyone working in a learning and development role.

    We pride ourselves on offering “real world” learning and development pathways and being the best value industry body in Asia Pacific.

Our team are here to support your business or career growth.

We will do this by helping you to:

  • Connect and collaborate with industry peers.

  • Build their L&D capabilities.

  • Stay ahead of the game by keeping them up-to-date with research and industry news.

  • Enhance the outcomes of their learning initiatives.

  • Obtain a greater reach with stakeholders and clients.

  • Get great value and savings through all our benefits, like low-cost insurance to protect them.

  • Access to an extensive library of practical resources.

  • Curate and share industry trends.


Enhancing Learning & Performance

To be the leader in setting and raising the standards
of learning and development, empowering organisations
and learners to reach their potential.


To create an inclusive culture of learning by providing accessible, inspiring and impactful resources that enable learning and development professionals to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding.

We strive to create a vibrant community by fostering collaboration, creativity, and personal growth.

The community I go to. The people I trust.

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How we IMPACT change for the L&D Industry

At a time when many associations/institutes who state that they represent a body of professionals appear to be invisible, it is encouraging and differentiating to see ILP consistently engaging and thinking about how to serve and be valuable to its community. ILP is in front of the curve. It is great what you are doing and getting to be part of it.

ILP is by far the most relevant and progressive learning organisation of which I am a member. It provides continual formal and informal educational opportunities and a great network of peers. ILP founder, Kerry Brocks, is an inspirational leader who strives to provide value to all members.

To be a part of something larger than myself or my business, gives me so much energy. Making some contribution, no matter how small, to raising the standard of facilitation in Australia is in tune with both my life goals and purpose for being. Meeting and working with ILP members is learning by osmosis. The access to professional development opportunities, resulted chats with like-minded professionals and the very reasonably priced insurance, are just the icing on the cake.

I joined ILP 5 years ago because, as an independent operator, I needed to be able to plug into a network of like minded professionals and to have access to resources and tools at rates that were not cost prohibitive. ILP has ticked all of those boxes numerous times – I have made valuable professional connections, secured additional clients and accessed some awesome tools – all of which is directly because of my membership. An unexpected benefit are the people I have met along the way that are now friends. I would wholeheartedly recommend any learning practitioner to become a member.

Thanks for the opportunity to once again attend a fabulous and informative ILP Conference. My notebook is packed with ideas and possibilities on almost every aspect of my business. My clients benefit enormously from my attendance.

Great conference with excellent presenters. Got a lot out off the conference that I will be able to apply in my workplace. For example the Breakout Session conducted by Geoff Ripp and Lucy Marles on the 70,20,10 framework. Will definitely be at the next conference.

Once again ILP have delivered, This conference was spot on for content, value, venue, networking, development, sharing anf laughing. Thank you Kerry and the ILP team.

As a first time attendee of the ILP Conference, I found it very inspirational and well organised. The presenters were each very good and knowledgeable and this event also provided a great networking opportunity. It left me wanting more! I will also be seeking membership to the ILP so I can attend future events.

The ILP Conference is a great forum for updating knowledge, networking with like minded professionals and refreshing skills. Well Worthnthe investment.

I found the ILP’s Future of Learning Conference to be an exceptionally valuable experience. I came away from it inspired, armed with creative new ideas and knowledge, and ready to implement some fantastic new initatives to further support, engage and inspire our students. I can not recommend it highly enough …..a must for anyone who wants to provide exceptional learning experiences and personal development opportunities to the students. Thank you IPL!

Winning the ‘Learning Professional of the Year’ award has made me and the entire team at PROfound Leadership incredibly proud. The award highlights our achievements, elevated my status, boosted our company’s reputation, increased our visibility and helped to reinforce the credibility of our brand.

Last year I was very surprised – and of course, hugely delighted – to win the APILP “Learning Provider of the Year” Award for our work in learning and development. We help people and organisations see things differently – so they find a way or make one to achieve their learning and performance goals. Being acknowledged by the APILP, and winning against other very strong Finalists, many of whom were much bigger National organisations, made us feel awesome. I had some of the team around me to hear the news at the online awards ceremony and I believe our surprise and delight was reflected in how much noise we made celebrating! It took a bit of time to apply for the awards, but the awards process was straightforward, I’m so glad I invested the time to do this. Preparing material for the award helped me to recognise the huge contribution we made to others too. All the quantitative data I gathered to use in the award application made me realise just how much we had helped our clients achieve great outcomes that at one stage they didn’t think were possible. The impact of these awards is what we make of it – we need to let people know who we are now, that we’re a winning team that will deliver awesome results for them and their people too. I think we’ve hidden our light under a bushel too much over the last 3 years – now it’s time to shine!

Winning the award for Internal Learning professional of the Year at the Australian Learning Impact Awards was a great recognition of the achievements and dedication I have put into learning both professionally at Origin Energy and personally. Being a leader in a large corporate organisation doesn’t always allow time to reflect on your achievements. I found it a great way to benchmark and be recognised for the connections, relationships and achievements and the impact to this has had on employees, customers and the industry.”


Collaboration is the Key to Success

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