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ILP is proud to be the best value association for learning and development professionals. We offer an extensive range of benefits to help you succeed in this industry. As a valued ILP member, you will have access to resources, professional development, certifications, events and a whole lot more.

This page will help you choose the right membership to suit your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify for an ILP Professional Membership,you need to currently be in a learning/training and development role in an organisation or working as an independent provider, and ideally have a formal training or similar qualification:

To access our great Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance benefits (starting from as low as $480), you need to join as a Professional Member or Fellow.

Your membership will be up for renewal on the anniversary of your joining date.

We’re committed to the security of your data and provide multiple layers of protection for the personal and financial information you trust to ILP. Read our privacy policy for more information.

Members Testimonials

At a time when many associations/institutes who state that they represent a body of professionals appear to be invisible, it is encouraging and differentiating to see ILP consistently engaging and thinking about how to serve and be valuable to its community.

You may feel that you are doing what any organisations whose remit is to support a constituency is doing. ILP is in front of the curve … it is great what you are doing and getting to be part of it.

Kerry and Bill

I am proud to be part of the ILP tribe and think 2021 will be a big one for ILP. It’s amazing to see all these great events, projects, awesome capability framework, new qualification and amazing people, you and Bill have brought together. Congrats, you guys are AWESOME!

…and I think Helen Keller was spot on when she said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” So, to a great collaboration in 2021 and beyond…

The last number of years I have joined and become a Fellow of the Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP). It is here that I met one of the most genuine, embracing and professional people in the industry. Kerry Brocks is not only the CEO and Founder of the ILP but she is the heart and soul.

Partners Testimonials

At GMD Partnerships, we were looking for an organisation to align with who served the learning and development profession but who had a focus on performance rather than just learning. ILP met what we were looking for in name and action. They have demonstrated to us that they are an organisation who want to promote the learning profession and do their upmost to find ways to do this.

They promote lifelong learning, peer to peer support, provide resources and, most importantly to us, promote the need to deliver results for organisations through learning alignment rather than just delivering training/learning. They have proven themselves an ideal organisation for us to work alongside and to support. They have found ways to promote us to their membership where it adds value to us and the members, through masterclasses, mailouts and their website. All that said they are also great people and seem to attract great members!

We absolutely love being an ILP partner. We try to attend as many Members’ Lounges as possible and adore the welcoming community of professionals. In terms of benefits to our business, being an ILP partner provides a great opportunity for us to network with our target audience, build brand awareness and promote our upcoming events. We feel personally supported by Bill and Kerry and that this partnership is a great investment in our business.

We decided to become a partner with ILP initially because of the relationship we had with Bill Jarrard and his support for CCS Corporation and our products. What we found after becoming partners was genuine support and interest in our business from ILP and real desire to help us connect meaningfully with others in the ILP community. The opportunities to connect in different ways, from the Masterclasses to the Members Lounge is important for building relationships and increasing the opportunities for the business. Thank you Bill, Kerry, and team!’

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