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Masterclass Recording Leveraging with Visual Models
Leverage Your Expertise, written by Matthew
What Are The Best Icebreaker Questions
Masterclass Integrating AI tools in your content workflow
Leveraging Learning The Power of L&D to Lead Organisations
Strategies For Effective Brand Positioning
Managing Change and Transformation
Engage your learners anywhere, anytime with the power of digital image cards
Unlocking Team Success The Key to Building a Great Team
Generate Your Custom 2024 Video Content Calendar
Prioritising Professional Development for Trainers and Learning Professionals
Connection Before Content
2023 L&D Rate Survey
ILP App Review January 2024 Frederick AI
AI in L&D: The State of Play
A Year in Review, and Strategic Objectives for 2024
Choosing methods for performance training evaluation
ILP App Review - Generate social media carousels
How to Use ‘Business Smarts’ as a Learning and Development (L&D) Professional
Dive into Creativity and Collaboration with Our Masterclass
We Are Image Card Experts, We Are Going Digital, And We Think You Should Too
ILP App Review October 2023: FlexClip (create socials)
Ducere Webinar - MBA Innovation & Leadership
The AI revolution is happening now!
Top 100 Tools for Learning 2023
Have you ever had an “Aha!” moment but have struggled to bring it to life?
Protecting You and Your Clients
Exciting News for L&D Professionals!
NEW digital skills good practice guide
ILP & DGBS Partnership Announcement
App of the Month August - by Con Sotidis
Introducing Nicole Grundy
App of the Month July – by Con Sotidis
Harnessing Emotional Intelligence Driving Impact in Consulting & Learning Development
Boosting Leadership And Learning Impact Through The Lens Of Neuroscience
App of the Month June - Dynamic and intelligent conversations with any PDF document! (AskYourPDF, a ChatGPT plugin and app)