Our Charities


Together with our Members, We Impact the World!

This is the ‘unseen impact.’ It is powerful, it happens automatically, every day in very small ways… and it happens because of YOU!

We believe success on any level brings with it a social responsibility to provide to those living in less fortunate environments around the world. Business has the power to change everyone’s lives – so we take action and make that change happen.

Every time a new member joins ILP gives $1 and when a member renews we give 50c to a charity that helps to educate children all over the world.

Australian Learning Impact Awards Charity

From 2018, ILP decided to choose a charity to support that is important to one of our Fellows.

Each year we will run a silent auction at our Australian Learning Impact Awards Dinner and all funds raised will go directly to the selected charity.



$2100 Raised



$5000 Raised