In-House Programs

All our face-to-face programs can be delivered in-house and adapted to meet your specific organisational needs.

We also offer two exclusive programs to corporates:


Designing for Learning

Practical ideas and strategies for maximizing learning from training. As professional learning practitioners, our credibility and reputation depend on our ability to produce relevant learning from training, and to do so efficiently.


Designing for Transfer

Designing and delivering training that maximises on-the-job results. Producing relevant learning is essential but insufficient. Clients and key stakeholders want the benefits of applied learning, not just the learning itself.

In-house Program Benefits

Benefits of in-house programs include the following:

  • Content can be tailored to ensure relevance to organisational needs and situations
  • More cost-effective than sending multiple people to a public program
  • Materials can be customised to incorporate your organisation’s branding
  • Organisational situations can be discussed in confidence.
  • Workshops can be delivered when and where you need them.

To discuss your in-house training needs and request a quote, please contact us [email protected] or on 1300 760 660.

All our Corporate Solutions

ILP has a range of solutions to support corporates and their unique business needs. We can help by:

  • Customising in-house programs to suit your learning needs
  • Finding the right L&D professionals for your organisation
  • Using our Certified Learning Assessment to compare the learning in your organisation against researched L&D standards
  • Offering discounts if three or more employees book for the same event
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