The Learning Gym

We Help Learning Professionals Upskill

The Learning Gym

We Help Learning Professionals Upskill

If you want to build, stretch and tone your learning muscles, then The Learning Gym is for you! We focus on upskilling learning professionals in their work, ranging from diagnosing and evaluating, to designing and facilitating learning interventions. Let’s get learning fit!

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We work with you to make you a fit(ter) learning professional. We don’t focus on the “what” (subject matter/content/topic), we focus on the “how” (methodology, tools, effectiveness). And what this means is that we work with learning professionals across industries and sectors, experience levels and geographies. Whether it’s creating a customised Train-The-Trainer for an in-house trainer group, or running open/public workshops, we’d like to believe that you can find your learning niche with us.

The typical challenges that learning professionals come to us with are in the areas of designing engaging and effective learning solutions (in-person and virtual), facilitating with impact, using games and tools to create interaction, and effectively evaluating learning interventions. To address these challenges, we offer certifications, workshops, consulting and one on one coaching.

Our team, clients and partners, live and work across geographies – and the virtualisation of our world has made us even more accessible to clients across the globe. Our co-founders being strategically based out of Asia Pacific and Europe, helps us cater to a host of different needs, contexts, and time zones!

Some of our Flagship Programs / Certifications and Special Offers for ILP members

In partnership with the Kirkpatrick Partners, we bring you the Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification ProgramBronze and Silver Levels. Through these certifications, you can discover the latest adaptation of the Kirkpatrick Model (The New World Kirkpatrick Model) and how it can help you demonstrate business value. The Kirkpatrick Model provides a practical and flexible framework for designing training that increases job performance and maximizes results and evaluating the impact of these trainings.

Our offer: 10% discount for ILP members off the Bronze level certification program. Email [email protected] and mention you are an ILP member to get a discount code.

Through our partnership with the Center For Accelerated Learning, we bring you the Accelerated Learning (A.L.) methodology. A.L. is an innovative teaching and learning method. The focus of the entire methodology is a learner-oriented approach when designing a learning intervention. We offer certifications on becoming an Accelerated Learning Certified Facilitator and an Accelerated Learning Certified Course Designer.

Our offer: A free 1-hour design consulting session sharing ideas for AL activities that can be added to your existing programs and increase learner engagement. Email [email protected] and mention you are an ILP member.

In partnership with Promote International, we bring you the Brinkerhoff Certification – for High Performance Learning Journeys®. The focus of this certification is on designing learning journeys geared towards converting learning to on-the-job performance. This innovative program builds on Prof. Brinkerhoff’s previous work – integrating performance improvement concepts, practical applications of the 70-20-10 concept, and fundamental learning theories into a unique learning experience for each participant

Our offer: 10% discount for ILP members off the Brinkerhoff Certification – for High Performance Learning Journeys®. Email [email protected] and mention you are an ILP member to get a discount code.

Through our partnership with one of the foremost names in training games an activities, METALOG® training tools, we offer a variety of programs helping you turn games into high impact interventions. Metalog creates multifaceted interaction activities and learning projects for indoor and outdoor use. The simplicity of these games coupled with the power of their debrief makes for creating a fun, experiential learning environment.

Our offer: 10% discount for ILP members on any activity purchase at [email protected] and mention you are an ILP member to get a discount code.

TLG has been our trusted partner to deliver cutting edge training to my team of facilitators. They bring in expertise from the field of learning design, facilitation, evaluation and many more. The program on accelerated learning had truly transformed our classrooms (pre-covid) & virtual classrooms (during covid). In a true sense like a gym instructor; they are agile, strong (conceptual depth) & impactful to the core. Our learning teams & learners at large have hugely benefited from their programs as they were able to meet the needs with complete customization and sustenance strategy. They bring in expertise, agility, fun, relevance & action to the table.

TLG has helped us prepare so well for the world of virtual and hybrid learning. Showing us how to design and deliver impactful training to our participants globally. We couldn’t have done it without them.

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