Writing for results

Writing for Business Results, Vivienne Begg

The ILP L&D Capability Framework identifies the 18 capabilities a learning professional needs to understand, and ILP Masterclasses are designed to assist with that and provides valuable insights and practical tips on developing their knowledge and skills.

There is much more to business writing than getting the words right. You’re more likely to get results if you plan, organise and present your content in a way that makes it easy for readers to act on. Vivienne’s approach can be used for any type of documents, whether you’re:

  • writing business communications to senior colleagues in your organisation, or clients you wish to obtain, to convince them that you understand and can meet their needs, whether you are using emails, proposals, business cases, and more,
  • or developing a variety of learning materials for participants.

In this session, Vivienne Beggs showed us how to identify the purpose and desired results of your documents before you start to write, so that you can clearly pin down the scope and required content of your documents.

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