Same Team, Different Sides?

What do business leaders think about L&D? How do they view its impact? In answering these questions, the Emerald Works Insights Team set out strategies for the future of L&D success.

March 2021

Research has shown that L&D is becoming more and more important for the global economy. The escalating forces of automation and datafication make upskilling and reskilling essential for business survival*. Given the importance of L&D, it is crucial to understand how business leaders tend to perceive it.

In this report the Emerald Works Insights Team look at:

  • Business leaders’ appreciation of the value of learning – either they undervalue organizational learning, or L&D departments are underperforming.
  • Their biggest L&D concerns – 34% of leaders are extremely concerned about the short-term focus of their L&D function.
  • Leaders’ perceptions of L&D impact – the average business leader believes L&D make a significant contribution to only one of their Top 5 priorities.
  • What learning leaders can do to better demonstrate value – the use of data analysis, performance benchmarking and collaborative metric development are the top three factors in business leaders’ appreciation of learning.

Truly valuable statistics

The report is based on the perspectives of hundreds of business leaders, and thousands of L&D professionals, from around all major regions of the world.

Combining these sources of data provides a unique perspective on L&D that you won’t find anywhere else.