Top 200 Tools for Learning

Although the 1st Top 100 Tools list in 2007 was hailed as “cutting-edge”, this 10th list – which ties in nicely with our 10th Anniversary (together with the sub-lists) offers a better indication of the state of play of the use of tools for learning – i.e. a mix of both tradition and innovation.  This year’s big news is that Twitter loses its No 1 place on the list after 7 years, but the Top 200 list contains a huge variety of tools – with many more new tools being included this year. Here are this year’s Movers and Shakers.

Take a look at the 3 different sub-lists (for Personal Learning, for Workplace Learning and for Education)  for deeper observations but in summary …

  • Individuals continue to reap the benefits of the opportunities offered to them on the Web to learn in all kinds of ways – both planned and unplanned, formal and informal, through content and people, online or on smart devices.
  • Education is also making use of a wide range of multi-purpose web-based tools – probably because they are free and easy to use – alongside dedicated educational tools.
  • Workplace learning, however, is still largely dominated by the use of traditional commercial tools for creating, delivering and managing e-learning. However, there is increasing use of new-style content development tools and greater use is being made of tools for social collaboration (and social learning) within work teams and groups.

What are your top six tools for L&D professionals?  How do you use them?  Have you considered adding them to your Recomazing dashboard?  Don’t have Recomazing? – Click here to see some information on this amazing service.

Tips Tricks and Hacks

We would like to publish something every month – looking at all the tips, tricks and ‘hacks’ you have discovered to streamline processes, save time and or better yet money.  So, if you have a gem of an idea that you would like to share with others, please send it through to us at [email protected]


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