The number 1 app every L&D Professional MUST have

My father once told me, “If you ever get a chance to inspire even just one person in your entire life, consider yourself lucky.” After years, I asked my father, “what if I am a speaker who inspires hundreds every day?” He just smiled.

I always wanted to become a speaker. I treasured when people pay attention to me. I loved to inspire people. That’s what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. Those cheers and standing ovations, those smiles and giggles, those tears and emotions-everything gives me a kick, and no- I didn’t mean physically. Every time I stand up to speak, I stand up to life. I feel alive when I am speaking or delivering a session.

Like any other trainer, I also wanted to start my own entrepreneurial journey. But learned the fact very quickly that doing what I love and managing a business is two different sides of a coin. I know speaking is my business but managing business isn’t. That’s when I realized that I must have a business advisor. During initial business days, spending money on hiring personal business advisor sounded ‘avoidable expense’ which later I realized, is an investment. So, I put my research hat and decided to find some more economical options to find important business advice that can help me lift my business up to the next level.

I found a couple of good options. Out of which, there was one application that fascinated me and later helped me a lot, is BRIN. BRiN uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized education and human-like support to millions of entrepreneurs, all at the same time.

This application is designed to help any business owner to learn things about running the business. There are some features which I like most. One of them, IT TALKS. Yes. BRIN is designed to interact with the app owner. It has got answers to more than 5000 interesting topics, related to business which includes more than 1000 high-quality videos.

There are plenty of other features that make this application great, like creating your own playlist, remembering your place, motivational quotes, choice of speed etc but apart from the features one of the important aspects is that IT IS FREE.

If you can relate to my initial situation, you would love BRIN.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or partner or associated with any of the technical stuff I recommend. I am not certified or qualified to provide any financial or legal suggestions or advice. I just share my learning with an intention to help those who need it. Please apply these tips at your own discretion.

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