Recording - CLO Central - Get access to more L&D buyers

Recording – CLO Central – Get access to more L&D buyers

CLO Central – Get access to more L&D buyers

This was the first of two ‘member only‘ events – introducing CLO Central.

In the first session, jointly hosted by Kerry Brocks the CEO of ILP and Dr Peter Beven, QUT’s Director of Open Professional Education, we explored how CLO Central can help independent L&D professionals to:

  • Build the scope and scale of your business in the lucrative corporate market.
  • Secure direct exposure to corporate L&D decision-makers.
  • Generate instant credibility.
  • Showcase your capabilities, and your L&D program assets.
  • Gain access to cutting edge resources and courses.

More about CLO Central?

CLO Central is an exchange community supporting learning professionals. As a two-sided marketplace as well as a capability-building platform, we support corporate learning teams as well as independent L&D providers.

With the rise of the ‘Chief Learning Officer‘ in corporate learning teams to elevate the importance of internal corporate learning, there is a growing need for organisations to improve their internal talent development and organisational learning capability. At the same time, L&D providers need help to be better able to commercialise their depth of expertise, services and content into the corporate learning market.

CLO Central was born to address this need in the marketplace. 

Developed as a collaboration between ILP, Queensland University of Technology and technology partners, CLO Central is a marketplace to support the L&D industry.

For L&D Suppliers – it will provide you with a platform to build your business and commercialise your valuable content and Intellectual Property.

Our next session (TBA – mid-April) is for corporate learning teams, the Corporate Learning Accelerator is an integrated Community of Practice supported by QUT with a host of new to the world offering to aid in achieving global best practice.

To find out more about CLO Central –

As you view it, watch for the special offer Peter Beven makes for the first 100 ILP members that join in the CLO Central process (hint – 33 mins into the recording).

This Masterclass is ended. if you are ILP member then you can login to watch the Masterclass Recording

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