Executive Roundtable: Business Impact from Corporate Learning

Executive Roundtable: Business Impact from Corporate Learning

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Global Executive Roundtable Series: Business Impact from Corporate Learning

Thursday, 28th April 2022, 8:00am – 10:30am (AEST)

In today’s dynamic business environment, workplace learning has become a key lever for success.

An organisation’s capacity to enhance the capabilities of its workforce and to create a culture of continuous learning is increasingly vital to remain competitive. To do so, there has been a heightened expectation that corporate learning has the capability to deliver more value than ever to the organisation.

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The concept of ‘value creation’ is fundament to the notion of ‘business impact’ – not only from the perspective of the individual learner to meet the needs of skilling shifts for new and changing jobs in the workplace, but also more broadly for the organisation.

Investments in learning must be able to demonstrate how and to what extent it delivers positive and substantial business impact across the workforce, the organisation, and broader stakeholder communities.

The Global Executive Roundtable – ‘Business Impact from Corporate Learning is a virtual facilitated executive forum involving corporate learning executives from global employers and Subject Matter Experts. The panel will share the wisdom from their experiences in driving value creation from corporate learning and how to measure business impact in all its forms.

Who should participate?

This Roundtable Series is a must-do for any L&D Professionals, Corporate Learning Teams, Talent Development and People Capability Professionals. This session will be an opportunity to gain insights and experiences from the global expert panel.

The Expert Panelists

Sheila Jagannathan, Karen Kocher, Alec Bashinsky, Ian Crowhurst, Melanie Martinelli, Shane HolmesShane Holmes, Mr Robert Dietel and Mr Peter Beven

This executive roundtable will be a discussion jointly facilitated by Mr Robert Dietel, Director of Executive Programs at MIT Sloan School of Business and Dr Peter W. Beven, Director of Open Professional Education at QUT’s Graduate School of Business.


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