Engage your learners anywhere, anytime with the power of digital image cards

Engage your learners anywhere, anytime with the power of digital image cards

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Showcase: the CCS Cards Virtual Facilitation Environment

With Leonie Cutts, CCS Corporation and Dr Cathryn Lloyd, Maverick Minds

As L&D professionals, we know that learning is more effective when our participants are truly engaged and feel primed to learn. We also know that groups are more collaborative and willing to share when they feel acknowledged and emotionally connected.

So, we all need tools and techniques that we can rely on to create these productive spaces – online, in-room, and often both at the same time!

One such tool is the Australian-made CCS Card Virtual Facilitation Environment (VFE) – a game-changing digital image cards application that every trainer, educator, facilitator and coach should have in their toolkit.

The impact of imagery on communication and learning is undeniable. Images spark our imagination, create emotional connection a sharing, tap memory, stimulate creativity, and help groups align to bring forth questions, ideas and solutions. And with the CCS VFE – you can put this power in the hands of your participants anywhere, anytime.

Join Leonie Cutts, from CCS Corporation (CCS Cards), and visual creativity expert, Dr Cathryn Lloyd, from Maverick Minds, as they showcase how to use the CCS VFE digital image card application to solve three essential L&D challenges:

  • Gaining immediate emotional engagement at the opening of a session
  • Aligning a group while maintaining individual voice
  • Deliberately shifting thinking by sparking creativity and insight

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