Top 100 Tools for Learning 2023

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2023

Here are the Top 100 Tools for learning generated from the 17th Annual Tools for Learning survey.  There were a total of 2,022 votes and this year there were more votes from the education sector than last year, which is why many of the educational tools have regained lost ground on this year’s list. New tools on the list are shaded yellow in the table below, and tools returning to the list are shaded green.  The big news for this year is that ChatGPT has jumped straight into the chart in the No 4 place. 2023 is the year that AI has finally taken off. For a categorisation of the tools (both as a list and in graphical format), take a look at By Category

To work through the list tool by tool, start with YouTube and follow the link at the top right of each page.

TOP 100 Tool Description
same 1 YouTube video hosting and sharing platform
up 1 2 Google Search search engine
up 1 3 Microsoft Teams enterprise collaboration platform
new 4 ChatGPT AI chatbot that understands and generates natural language text
down 3 5 PowerPoint Microsoft’s presentation software
up 1 6 LinkedIn professional social network
up 3 7 Wikipedia online encyclopaedia
same 8 Word Microsoft’s documentation software
down 3 9 Google Docs & Drive office suite/file sharing platform
down 5 10 Zoom video meeting platform
down 2 11 Canva graphics tool
up 14 12 Spotify audio/podcast platform
up 5 13 Instagram photo sharing social network
down 2 14 Excel Microsoft’s spreadsheet software
up 17 15 Google Classroom educational learning platform
same 16 Kahoot live engagement tool
up 4 17 WhatsApp messaging app
up 1 18 Facebook social network
up 1 19 Vimeo video hosting and sharing platform
up 33 20 Netflix documentaries/films
down 4 21 Mentimeter live engagement tool
down 9 22 X (formerly Twitter) social network
up 7 23 Outlook email client
up 57 24 Grammarly grammar checker
up 4 25 Padlet organize content on a virtual corkboard
up 38 26 DeepL online translation tool
up 67 27 TikTok video sharing social network
up 39 28 Google Forms Google’s online forms and survey tool
up 2 29 LinkedIn Learning  LinkedIn’s online course platform
down 8 30 Gmail Google’s email client
down 20 31 Slack team collaboration platform
up 23 32 TED Talks inspirational videos
up 25 33 Flip (formerly Flipgrid) Microsoft’s educational video meeting platform
up 27 34 Duolingo language learning app
down 20 35 Articulate create online courses
up 57 36 getAbstract book summaries
up 47 37 Coursera online course platform
up 35 38 Wordwall create educational teaching resources
same 39 Moodle open source learning platform
down 4 40 Quizizz educational games and testing tool
down 27 41 WordPress open source blogging and website platform
up 3 42 hihaho interactive video tool
up 13 43 Udemy online course platform
up 13 44 Quizlet educational games and testing tool
up 6 45 Google Meet Google’s video meeting platform
up 3 46 Google Chrome Google’s web browser
up 16 47 Adobe Photoshop photo editing tool
down 15 48 OneNote Microsoft’s digital notebook
up 5 49 OneDrive Microsoft’s file sharing platform
down 9 50 Easygenerator easy e-learning authoring tool
back 51 Masterclass streaming platform for video lessons
up 36 52 Microsoft Forms Microsoft’s online forms and survey tool
back 53 Wakelet educational curation tool
down 19 54 Snagit screen capture tool
down 3 55 Whereby video meeting platform
down 29 56 Trello team and project tool
down 34 57 Camtasia screencasting tool
down 20 58 Telegram messaging app
down 17 59 Pinterest curation platform
up 16 60 H5P HTML5 authoring tool
down 37 61 Miro online whiteboard
down 18 62 Dropbox file sharing platform
new 63 Notion productivity and note-taking web app
down 30 64 SharePoint Microsoft’s enterprise collaboration platform
up 10 65 Kindle Reader App Amazon’s e-book reader
up 12 66 Pocket personal curation tool
down 2 67 Google Scholar Google’s academic search engine
up 23 68 Apple Podcasts Apple’s podcast app
down 32 69 Prezi online presentation tool
down 24 70 Genially platform for interactive animated content
down 23 71 Powtoon animation tool
down 22 72 Mural online whiteboard
down 4 73 Google Translate Google’s online translation tool
down 12 74 OBS Studio live streaming video platform
up 12 75 Google Sites Google’s collaborative website platform
up 24 76 Live Worksheets create educational interactive worksheets
up 3 77 Adobe Premiere Pro video creation/editing tool
up 7 78 Audible audio books and podcasts (from Amazon)
down 7 79 Canvas educational learning platform
new 80 ClassPoint classroom engagement tool within PowerPoint
back 81 Vitero Inspire webinar software
back 82 Brave web browser
up 16 83 Thinglink create interactive media
back 84 Edpuzzle create interactive videos
back 85 Adobe Acrobat Pro create and control PDF documents
new 86 Mediasite video platform
back 87 Nearpod educational tool for interactive presentations
back 88 Google Maps searchable, zoomable and custom maps
back 89 Bing web search engine
down 24 90 aNewSpring learning platform
down 51 91 Screencast-O-matic screen capture and screen casting
back 92 Zotero reference management
back 93 Snip & Sketch screen capture and annotation
down 47 94 Loom screen recording tool
new 95 Synthesia AI video generation platform
back 96 Jamboard Google’s interactive and collaborative whiteboard
down 7 97 Google Calendar Google’s online calendar and time management
down 21 98 Discord messaging app
down 2 99 Slideshare presentation sharing platform
back 100 Wooclap create interactive presentations

Jane Hart

Since 2007, I Jane Hart, have been compiling an annual Top Tools for Learning List from the results of an open survey. These Top Tools lists now constitute an important and interesting longitudinal study not just into the popularity of tools for learning but into learning behaviour itself. Learning professionals (and others in related areas) are invited to nominate their Top 10 (digital) tools for learning and their contributions are then used to generate the annual list.

From 2007-2015 this was a Top 100 Tools for Learning list, but to mark the 10th anniversary of the project in 2016, I extended the list to 200 tools, and in 2021 it was increased to 300 tools, But last year (2022) I reverted to a Top 100 Tools list and I have kept it at this number in the current year (2023). For 2023 I have also dropped the sub-categorisation (Personal, Workplace Learning and Education) as tools are now being used more more across the board.

A complete list of the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2023 can be viewed here but there are two other ways you can view the tools results at this site:

  • By Category – where the Top 100 tools are categorised into 5 main areas: Content, Content Development, Learning Platforms, Communication and Collaboration and Web Tools. There is also a graphical representation of the tools in each of the categories.
  • A-Z – where all tools on the 17 surveys (2007-2023) are listed
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