New World Kirkpatrick Model – Creating and Demonstrating Value

The New World Kirkpatrick Model: Creating and Demonstrating Value

Now more than ever organisations are demanding, as they should, that learning and development initiatives and programs deliver on promised performance results. This is something that the Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP) fully supports and is helping our members to understand how best to do that. The time for reliance on the end of workshop evaluation sheets only, has long passed.

But what will replace them? How can L&D professionals design and facilitate to achieve, not just transfer of learning, but to also demonstrate performance improvement results? Are there methods or models that can assist? That is the focus of this important ILP masterclass.

We will discuss learning evaluation as it exists today, and then look at one possible model for L&D professionals to use not just for evaluation, but more importantly for learning design.

The New World Kirkpatrick Model is recognised globally as the foremost learning evaluation model. And yet it is far more than this, helping you to create and demonstrate real value for the organisations you serve.

In this ILP masterclass the APAC Affiliates of Kirkpatrick Partners Mark Harris and David Dewhurst, will explain the development and research behind the model, what each of the four levels involves, and how they are used for learning design as well as evaluation. You will see how you can utilise this approach within your own organisation to become a true strategic partner or as a consultant to help you grow your business and deliver real value to your clients.

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Today’s Masterclass was brilliant. Excellent presenters who generously shared their work and extensive know-how;  and participants who offered insightful comments and suggestions. Truly appreciate these marvellous Masterclasses you organise for ILP members.  Warm regards. 

Evelyn Morgan-Brooker