The Brain, Neuroscience in L&D, Steve Marriott

The Brain, Neuroscience in L&D, Steve Marriott

The Brain, Neuroscience in L&D

This is one of the most interesting and valuable ILP masterclasses for all L&D professionals, looking into Neuroscience and its impact on learning, with Steve Marriott (UK),

Taken directly from Steve’s Behaviour & The Brain programme, this session gave participants an introduction to the latest understanding about the brain; and how neuroscience is contributing to an expanding bank of knowledge which is shattering a number of strongly held beliefs about the drivers of human behaviour and challenging many traditional leadership and learning practices.

The Masterclass covered:
• The evolution and anatomy of your brain
• How neurons process information to create memories and learning
• The vital role of neurotransmitters
• Key insights from the NeuroLeadership Institute

Steve’s goal is not to make you a ‘neuro-expert’, but rather to leave you with a sense of awe and wonder, and a better understanding of the amazing organ that resides ‘Under the Hood’.

Steve Marriott is a behavioural specialist, combining over 25 years of leadership learning & development and consultancy experience with the latest findings in neuroscience and performance psychology. He is the co-author of two books on leadership and transformational change and is a prolific facilitator, speaker, and performance coach working in the UK and Europe.

Highly regarded by some of the most regulated companies in the UK, Steve’s experience, knowledge and ability to help people grow and develop sees him as a most sought-after specialist in the field of cultural transformation and leadership & behavourial development.

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Steve Marriott


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