Facilitating Face to Face and Virtually with Image Cards

Facilitating Face to Face and Virtually with Image Cards

Image Cards in Face to Face and Virtual events

The ILP L&D Capability Framework identifies the 18 capabilities a learning professional needs to understand, and ILP Masterclasses are designed to assist with that and provides valuable insights and practical tips on developing their knowledge and skills. This masterclass builds on Learning Design and Learning Transfer.

It was facilitated by Craig Browne, Co-developer of CCS Cards (and a professional board game designer)

Over the last few decades, the use of image cards for facilitation, coaching, and self-discovery has become increasingly popular. When used well, these deceptively simple tools can improve participation, stimulate discovery, encourage mutual disclosure and equality of voice, speed up agreement across groups and inspire collaboration and action.

As more and more events are being delivered in virtual modes, facilitators and coaches are now looking for ways to create open, honest, effective learning and team environments without the immediacy of in-room face-to-face connection.

Perhaps not surprisingly, image cards’ capacity to rapidly build emotional connection, people are looking for ways to use them in their Zoom and other online events.

As co-developer of CCS Cards, and creator of its ‘common image communication concept’, Craig shared insights into the expert use of image cards in both real and virtual environments.

Craig’s topics included:

  • how to frame and wording image card topics to ensure participants are engaged in discovery mode
  • essential steps in image presentation to encourage deep, honest, mutual disclosure
  • using existing real image cards in video conferencing
  • how CCS Corporation’s new virtual image card app can bring the power of these tools to anyone’s mobile devices
  • tips for facilitators when running sessions with participants using virtual image cards.

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Craig Browne


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