A Year in Review, and Strategic Objectives for 2024

A Year in Review, and Strategic Objectives for 2024

The Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP), an esteemed industry body, has been at the forefront of shaping the Learning and Development (L&D) landscape for over 16 years. With a membership base exceeding 4300 and growing across the Asia Pacific region, ILP continues to be a trusted advisor in the realm of enhancing performance, capability, and behaviors.

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Key Achievements in the Last Year:

  1. Masterclasses and Events: In the past year, ILP has successfully conducted 9 masterclasses, 46 L&D lounges, 3 roadshow events, an L&D summit, and 13 Gala award dinners. These events have not only fostered knowledge exchange but have also created a vibrant community of professionals.
  2. Membership Growth: ILP welcomed 131 new members, reflecting the organization’s appeal and relevance in the industry. Additionally, 63 new students joined, showcasing ILP’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of L&D professionals.
  3. Social Impact: Beyond professional development, ILP is making a positive impact with initiatives like “Impact for Kids (B1G1),” contributing to 614 impacts. This demonstrates ILP’s dedication to social responsibility and community building.
  4. Library Expansion and Capability Framework: ILP’s commitment to knowledge dissemination is evident in the addition of 264 resources to its library. The development of a robust capability framework further solidifies ILP’s role as a thought leader in the L&D domain.
  5. Partnerships: ILP has forged significant partnerships, including an MBA partnership, underlining its commitment to offering diverse educational opportunities.
  6. Announcements: The announcement of Nicole Groundy as the new CEO and Director signifies a new chapter in ILP’s leadership.Nicole has held senior executive roles with verifiable year-after-year success in achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives within the vocational education and medical sector, start-up, turnaround, and rapid change environments. Working across the Vocational Education and Training sector for over twenty years, holding various executive roles; Chief Academic Officer, General Manager and Chief Operations Officer for corporate RTOs and owning her own RTO back in 2008. Working across accredited and non-accredited, fee-for-service and government funding space.
  7. Exciting Events on the Horizon: Looking ahead, ILP has unveiled plans for the L&D Week from 4th to 8th March, the Summit and Gala Dinner on 17th-18th October, and various regional and national initiatives. The introduction of Regional Advocates and the National Advisory Board further demonstrates ILP’s commitment to inclusivity and collaboration.

ILP’s achievements over the past year showcase its unwavering commitment to advancing the L&D profession. As it continues to evolve and embrace new opportunities, ILP remains a dynamic force, empowering professionals and contributing to the broader community. The upcoming events and initiatives promise an exciting journey ahead for ILP and its diverse membership.

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