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WorkPlan was established in 1995 and has been actively meeting client needs in learning and development since 2001 with the first Australian-made learning management system.

We continue to innovate, and over the past 2-3 years we designed and developed an LMS for the new world of work. The WorkPlan Learning LMS solves critical needs of organisations to improve learning, engagement and knowledge collaboration. Strategy execution is enhanced with leaning, knowledge and other content aligned to team objectives and strategic business goals.


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WorkPlan Services

In 2020 we made a big move to create a cloud-based that supports organisations and their people succeed in the new world of work. Our game changing LMS, WorkPlan Learning, was released in 2022 and we believe it opens up a world of possibilities for organisations not getting value from a traditional LMS.  The team at WorkPlan tapped into years of shared experience working with a very diverse range of clients to design WorkPlan Learning.

We developed WorkPlan Learning to have three key features that are essential in modern LMS:

  1. WorkPlan Learning supports true collaboration – for everyone to be able to create and share.  In a business environment, collaboration means that the knowledge people need can be easily created and shared with the people that need it.  The rapid sharing of knowledge and skills empowers people and delivers better business results. WorkPlan Learning collaboration features provides an environment for effective coaching and mentoring.
  2. Work Plan Learning aligns learning and knowledge to strategic business goals and team objectives.  It is increasingly important for employees to understand how their work contributes to the achievement of strategic goals and team objectives.
  3. WorkPlan Learning is easy to use for end-users and administrators with simplified menu options.  WorkPlan Learning is populated with thousands of microlearning modules so you can get started immediately. WorkPlan Learning can be ready to go in days or weeks rather than months.

Benefits to Members

WorkPlan provides many benefits to ILP members.
Reduced cost of access to a modern full-featured learning management system.

WorkPlan is highly experienced and trusted in the learning and development profession.
We provide access for you and your clients to high quality learning content.
The opportunity to use WorkPlan Learning as a profit generator for your firm.
We can help you transition your Intellectual Property from PowerPoint to online courses and programs.
Corporate members Benefits
For corporate members, we offer a 10% discount on licensing fees.
We partner with you from strategy to ‘go live’.
For consultants, we offer:
An Affiliate program to earn a commission when referring WorkPlan Learning to your clients and colleagues.
Special discounted licensing when you use WorkPlan Learning in your consulting practice.