Opportunities For ILP Fellows

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ILP is committed to find ways promote our fellows. we have ample opportunities through which you can showcase your profile, while contributing to the learning and development community. below are a few of the ways ILP fellows can get more involved in what ILP is doing:


Become a Certified Learning Professional (CLP)

ILP offers three certifications for individuals – Certified Learning Facilitator (CLF), Certified Learning Designer (CLD) and Certified Learning Consultant (CLC).

These master professional benchmarks set highly skilled learning and development professionals apart in our industry. They are given in recognition of an individual’s proven capabilities, experience, successful learning outcomes and demonstration of their skills.


Record an L&D Bite

ILP is launching a revolutionary platform where you can demonstrate your knowledge on a hot topic in our L&D industry (e.g. Difference between ‘Training’ & ‘Facilitation’, ‘Effective use of Body Language for Trainers etc.).

If you would like to record a short video or podcast (approx 180 seconds) on a topic of interest, we will publish it on our platform with your profile. Most of these videos are going to be restricted to members only, under “member’s login area”.


Run a Masterclass

Facilitate one of our fortnightly masterclasses (55 mins), which are offered free to Members. These are also offered to our wider community so a great way to showcase your experience and skills. Topics can be of your choosing but need to be relevant to learning and development professionals.

If you are interest in running a masterclass, please contact Bill Jarrard – [email protected].


Publish Article or Blog

We would love you to contribute to our newsletter by writing an article of blog for our members and subscribers (4200+). We will publish your submission in one of our newsletter editions along with your intro. ILP reserves the right to edit the content if required but will only publish changes with the writer’s permission.


Get Under the Spotlight

In our monthly newsletter, we shine the Spotlight on one of our Fellows. If you would like us to showcase you, we can either send you the list of questions or we can conduct a short interview (face-to-face or via Skype).


Published a Book?

We are very proud of our Fellows who have written a book or books, so we have created a special page Books by ILP Fellows to showcase them.

The page displays a thumbnail of the book with a linkback to your website for purchase.


Chat with us Online

We will be providing regular Live Online L&D Chats for our members on relevant topics.

If you would like to be interviewed or be on a panel for discussion we love you to be involved. So if you are passionate about a particular topic, have done something interesting, have a challenge or tips you would like to share let us know.


Showcase Your Profile

As a Fellow, you have extensive experience in the L&D industry. We would like to showcase your profile on the ILP Member Directory. This will help potential clients and peers find you.

We will shortly be adding the option to include testimonials and a place to advertise your programs or services.


Host or Facilitate an Event

We are always on the lookout for interesting people to help with our events whether it is to facilitate a discussion on the Round Tables, be interviewed On the Learning Couch or run a session on an thought-provoking topic.

As an ILP Fellow, you have the opportunity to appear in the SPOTLIGHT segment in our regular newsletter where you can introduce yourself to 4000 plus L&D professionals. Would you like to be showcased? Please click on the button below and submit the information.

Opportunities For ILP Fellows

Involvement is at your discretion, but we encourage you to get involved and help other members and at the same time build your profile in our industry.

If any of the above is of interest, our CEO Kerry Brocks would be happy to provide more information and get the ball rolling.

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