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Welcome to 2024 NATIONAL L&D WEEK – an extraordinary week filled with unparalleled opportunities for professional development, designed to enhance your capabilities and connections.

Hosted by the Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP), Asia Pacific’s premier industry body, this event is tailored to empower individuals and organisations alike, fostering the enhancement of learning initiatives, learner experiences and outcomes.

Who Should Attend:

We invite you to participate in our thoughtfully crafted and diverse program.

Whether you are an

  • Internal or External Trainer

  • Facilitator

  • Teacher

  • Coach

  • Instructional Designer

2024 NATIONAL L&D WEEK is designed to suit all needs, so you are welcome to join us for one session, a day or for the whole week.

What to Expect

2024 NATIONAL L&D WEEK promises a wealth of offerings to elevate your professional journey:

Collect CPD Points and Digital Badges

Validate and showcase your professional growth

Free L&D Capability Assessment Report

Gauge your strengths and opportunities for growth.

Masterclasses with Industry Experts

Learn from the best in the field.

Live Online Sessions

Interact with highly experienced facilitators in real time.

Discounted ILP Memberships

Unlock exclusive benefits

L&D Lounge Meetup

Network and share insights

Learning & development Capability Framework

The role of learning and development professionals is changing significantly, with a move from traditional learning methodologies to innovative ways to design not just programs but learning pathways to engage learners and achieve the desired outcomes.

L&D Capability Framework

Every attendee will receive the L&D Capability assessment FREE Valued at $99


Dive into 2024 NATIONAL L&D WEEK – a unique opportunity for professional growth and network expansion, presented by the Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP). Elevate learning initiatives and experiences with us.

L&D Week Date & Time

Credit Point System

What to Expect

ILP programs:

2 Points per hour

Learning Lounge

2 Points (total)

2-day conference

20 Points (total)


2 Points (total)

Short Course (non-accredited)

5 Points (total)

10893NAT Certificate IV in Learning Design and Facilitation

60 Points (total)

Attendance at ILP networking regional and national events

2 Points per event

L&D week each session2 points

To fulfil the criteria required to maintain your certification, 30 points for ongoing professional development is needed per year. If you are unable to fulfil your maintenance requirements, due to reasonable circumstances, please contact ILP to discuss your case. If you have any queries in relation to your professional maintenance, please contact us to discuss them.

If you attend an event that is not covered on this document, please contact us to verify whether it is an accepted event and its point value. Please email your logbook to ILP. We highly advise that you keep a copy of your logbook for your own records.

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