Going Beyond Training

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action

We Go Beyond Training

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action

Inspired by Herbert Spencer’s quote “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action” – we empower L&D professionals to look and go beyond training!

If any of the below questions are relevant to you, then reach out, schedule a call, or scroll down to learn more about our flagship programs.

  • How can I comprehensively measure the impact of my training programs?
  • How can I go beyond the typical happy sheet and collect and present evaluation data that persuade executives and
  • stakeholders of the value/impact of our training initiatives?
  • What do we need to facilitate on the job application of learning?
  • How do I develop transfer concepts that really work?
  • How do I win the executives to consistently back transfer?
  • Which tools and interventions increase transfer success?
  • How can I get my learners more actively involved in their own and others’ learning?
  • Where can I get fresh / non-boring ideas to transform traditional presentations to learner engaging content?
  • How can I create a positive learning environment where all my learners can strive?
  • What experiences do other companies have with the topic of evaluation & transfer?

Become an Expert for Training Evaluation:
You are an L&D professional who doesn’t just want to know whether your participants enjoyed the training. You want to evaluate the true impact of your training to be able to make systematic and strategic decisions that support your organization’s goals.

Become an Expert for Transfer Success:
You are an HRD professional, L&D consultant, training designer or trainer who believes that transfer effectiveness is not only a catchword, but a successfully lived aspiration for professional development. You know the obstacles of training transfer from your own experience, and you want to do something about it. You want to take the training in your company and your industry to a new level.

Become an Expert for Learner-Centered Design:
You are a trainer, facilitator, educator and/or instructional designer looking for fresh non-boring and effective ideas to truly engage your learners in a face to face and/or virtual classroom. You could benefit from a simple process / blueprint to create effective session outlines.

I combine my entrepreneurial spirit with my close to 20 years of experience in L&D to help build memorable & results-based learning experiences. In my roles as Senior Transfer Enabler at the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness and Founder of Going Beyond Training, I am passionate about making transfer happen. I apply strong business acumen, rich practical experience across cultures & a deep understanding of what makes learning stick to support my clients in being more strategic in their L&D initiatives. 

Inspired by my original education focus and the 20 years of living and working abroad, I enjoy a “2nd career” working as a trainer, consultant and university lecturer in the field of Intercultural Communication, Virtual Collaboration, Corporate Culture, Leadership, DEI, Trust and Negotiation.

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Kirkpatrick Certification Programs:

The Kirkpatrick Bronze Certification training provides a solid foundation in evaluating training effectiveness.

It equips participants with practical skills and techniques to assess training impact and gather meaningful feedback from learners.

This certification is valuable for learning and development professionals looking to enhance their ability to measure and improve training outcomes effectively.

Kirkpatrick Certification Programs:

I had the best learning experience during the entire session, and I’ve learned many things that equip me the right knowledge and strategies to further improve our talent development programs using Blended KP evaluation.

Now that the puzzle is complete, I can see the big picture on how beneficial KP will be in our company.

Kirkpatrick Certification Programs:

I really enjoyed taking the Kirkpatrick Bronze (Level 1 thru 4) certification. The course is sharp, focused and makes it easy to understand all the different levels of evaluation. The design is good mix of theory and practice, and facilitators are excellent, always willing to help and guide. I would highly recommend this to all learning professionals.

Transfer Designer Certification

I love the whole learning experience of this courses. The course is designed to be very relevant to my needs. The idea of working on our own project from the pre-training activity is brilliant. The course materials and the valuable tools and videos in the toolbox is very impressive and inspiring.
Our facilitator, Melanie is very passionate in supporting the learning journey.
The post training support ,including transfer cafe and community cafe is amazing.
The assessment method for certification including final interview with Melanie is brilliant approach.
I strongly believe every course participant will benefit a lot from this course. The subject of learning transfer is very important to realize the benefits of investment in talent development.

Transfer Designer Certification

After years of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of software education, I found myself searching for a training solution that truly understood the nuanced needs of learners.
Despite the proliferation of online programs, I struggled to find one that aligned with my expectations until I connected with Melanie. Having known her from a previous business encounter, I reached out to her in hopes of finding a solution.
That’s when she introduced me to the Transfer Designer Certification. Completing the live sessions with Melanie was a game-changer.

Backed by extensive research curated by Ina Weinbauer-Heidel, the program not only broadened my understanding of the learning space but also provided practical strategies for implementation and Melanie did a great job as Mr Miller!.

Each session delved into essential aspects like transfer planning, motivation, and content relevance, offering insights that surpassed my expectations. What truly sets this program apart is its commitment to accessibility and knowledge sharing. Unlike many others, it provides lifetime access to a comprehensive repository of content, enriching the learning experience even beyond the live sessions.

I wholeheartedly endorse this program to anyone seeking to deepen their expertise in the learning/training domain. The insights gained from exploring each lever are invaluable for anyone in other domains looking to make a meaningful impact on their audience.