L&D Week

L&D Week

Future Proofing Tomorrow’s Professionals Today



A festival of events celebrating the importance learning and development professionals play in improving the performance of individuals and organisations.

An initiative of the Institute of Learning & Performance (ILP) with support from the broader Learning and Development (L&D) community.

We commenced work towards the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 working on a range of initiatives to further engage and support our members. Learning & Development Week 2020 (APAC) was one of these and is designed to be the launch of an annual celebration of the important role Learning and Development (L&D) plays in improving the performance of both individuals and organisations.

L&D Week’s purpose is to showcase leading industry bodies for learning and development, as well as organisations and individuals contributing to the future proofing of learning professionals, today.

With more than 15,000,000 people on LinkedIn. identifying as being in some form of L&D role, L&D Week is an industry wide celebration bringing together people and organisations who understand and support the vital role L&D plays today and into the future.

L&D professionals may identify as trainers, facilitators, mentors, coaches, teachers, educators, and many other titles – in fact L&D is part of every leader’s role as well. We’re a BIG community!

We are seeking input from our members and the L&D community – if L&D is part of your purpose, mission, role or passion, and you’d like to participate in L&D Week by hosting an event (virtual or live; micro, short or longer), if you have an idea, topic or suggestion we’d like to hear from you.

L&D Week will have its own website where details of your event will be posted, along with a link to your website or event registration page, this will allow you to manage the event and participants in your chosen format

So, if you’d like to be involved and participate, please register your interest now, this will allow us to keep you informed about the event. At this stage we don’t require full details of the event, an outline of what you would like to offer and the length of time of your session would be ideal.

If you would like to know more about the event as an attendee please complete the form below, as this will ensure we can keep you informed about the event.

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Please note: by registering it does not commit you to participating

* A small panel of L&D Leaders will review all events to ensure they support the purpose of the week, before they are confirmed and loaded to the L&D Week website. And we see a very wide variety of events that will do that.