Certified Professional Membership

As a certified learning professional, you have demonstrated your skills and expertise, as well as your commitment to making an impact through your learning initiatives.

There are four certified professional levels:

  • Certified Learning Facilitator
  • Certified Virtual Facilitator`
  • Certified Learning Designer
  • Certified Learning Consultant

Certified Learning Professional are required to maintain their certification by completing a logbook showing their continual professional development.

In recognition of achieving the highest standards in the L&D industry, ILP provides rewarding opportunities, for example:

  • Special events
  • Income/Promotional Incentives
  • Corporate Capability Framework
  • CLO Consulting
  • Lunch & Learns
  • ILP Academy Listing
  • Free ILP Academy

Certified Member Criteria

To become an ILP Certified Member, you need:

  • To be certified with one of ILP’s certifications
  • Ensure your certification is maintained