Why Get Certified

By becoming certified, you will

  • Be recognised and stand out from other learning and development professionals
  • Be showing your commitment to the L&D industry
  • Be acknowledged for demonstrating the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to meet industry benchmarks
  • Have your current capabilities assessed with industry standards
  • Showcase to your organisation or clients your capabilities and level of expertise

Becoming a CLF was a challenging and rewarding experience.
The constructive feedback has really helped take my facilitation to the next level

These benchmarks have been introduced to

  • Establish an industry-wide recognised standard of excellence
  • Recognise learning and development professionals with both experience and competence
  • Ensure learning and development initiatives the desired results
  • Enhance the credibility of the profession by ensuring that only quality learning and development solutions are implemented and recognised.

L&D Certifications

ILP is raising the industry standard for learning and development professionals in Asia Pacific.