Want to achieve success in your training programs? Build your communications plan.

As learning and development professionals we spent most of our time on product and program development, whether it be designing new programs or customising signature programs to meet client needs. This focus on delivery often means some of the logistics pre- and post-workshop are neglected. Our experience as participants and trainers has told use that the difference between success and failure of a program, and the all-important learner engagement is communication.

We know this! Yet, we still see people struggle with managing programs and failing to develop a plan to guide their client and learner engagement and communications.

A strong communications plan – once developed – can guide your client interactions in any program, giving you back precious time to design and deliver. Further, it can help you achieve success by providing focused and relevant communications.

A communication plan may take several forms, and to be most effective, should cover a range of channels or mediums (face-to-face, email, poster/flyer, landing page, and so on).

When developing your communication plan, seek to answer these key questions:

  • Why do you want to communicate?  
    (What’s your purpose?)
  • To whom do you want to communicate?  
    (Who’s your audience?)
  • What do you want to communicate? 
    (What’s your message?)
  • How do you want to communicate it?  
    (What communication channels will you use?)
  • What support do you need to deliver the message? 
    (Who and how will you distribute the message?)

As you work through these questions, you will formulate the core elements of your plan. Once this is complete, the next step is to create an action plan – with key dates, milestones and draft messages, and decide how you will evaluate the success of the communication.

As part of the L&D Success Framework, we have developed a range of development guides to help practitioners build their capability and improve their programs. Contact us today for more information on the L&D Success Framework and the ILP Communications Plan Development Guide.

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