Using Your Smartphone To Create Multimedia Content

Use your Smartphone to Create Multimedia Content, Corinne Podger

This ILP Masterclass built beautifully on our previous masterclasses with Gihan Perera, Yana Martens, Jane Anderson, and Gerald Paucshmann by adding the professionalism of going out to create stories that can be shared on social media. As L&D professionals adapt to taking their offering to a global audience, the skills we are gaining from ILP masterclasses will assist us in meeting the ‘new normal’ future.

This webinar was based on Corinne’s work as a BBC and Reuters trainer, which has helped thousands of journalists and communicators to use their smartphones for professional content creation. It gives participants a solid introduction to how to get the best from the production studio in your pocket. You will be introduced to affordable apps and equipment to create engaging, authentic multimedia to help promote your business.

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