The Weekly Friday Morning ILP L&D Lounge, 10:00-11:00am Syd/Melb

ILP Learning and Development (L&D) Lounge

The Weekly Friday Morning ILP L&D Lounge

Every Friday 10:00-11:00 Syd/Melb time during Daylight Savings

Join us for some camaraderie, interesting insights, and on occasion some robust discussion. The ILP Members Lounge is a weekly opportunity for you to get to know some of your L&D colleagues and get their insights into a topic you’d like to explore. Our simple approach is:

  • After a warm welcome and introductions, we enter the Zoom Whiteboard and each participant can post up to 3 topics, questions, or ideas they’d like to have the group discuss.
  • Then all the submissions are voted on using Zoom Annotations, and we now have our ‘agenda’ for the hour.
  • The top topic is identified and whoever submitted it gives us a little background, so we have a context for the discussion.
  • Five minutes is allocated to the discussion, and it’s a free-form process where everyone can share thoughts. If after 5 minutes the group wants to continue, we allow another 3 minutes, before switching to the next discussion.

We may not get through every topic, but the meetup is always friendly, fun, informative, interactive, and well worth the hour. And there is always next week to get your topic up.

Join us at the upcoming L&D Lounge and be sure to join us in the next ILP masterclass.



The Team at ILP

Please Note: Online Event Process

  • When you register you will receive a confirmation of registration, and a Zoom link will be sent to you.
  • The Zoom link is the same each week, so we suggest you create a recurring meeting with the link in your preferred calendar, even if you won’t be able to attend every week, just so that when you can join us, the link is easily accessible.
  • Please sign into Zoom using your first and last names, so we recognise you in the Waiting Room.
  • All events are based on Sydney/Melbourne times unless otherwise stated.
  • Please also add ILP to your address book, to avoid any lost email.

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