Top Six Learning Trends – 2021

A.J. O’Connell Jan 26, 2021 on the SAP Litmos Blog

We all know that 2020 has changed much in the world of working and learning, and 2021 is going to continue that process. So what will learning and development look like in 2021?

In this blog post, freelance writer A J O’Connell says that while our focus is on moving forward this year, we can’t do that without looking back and acknowledging the myriad ways that 2020 changed the working world.

More people than ever before worked from home. Customers needed additional support. Companies had to change the way they worked — and, in some cases, their whole business models.

O’Connell highlights Six Learning Trends for 2021

  1. Migrating learning to a 100% digital learning program.
  2. Learning will be used to drive change.
  3. Customer training will need to change.
  4. Reskilling will be a priority.
  5. Soft skills will continue to be a priority.
  6. Well-being courses will become important.

Do these resonate with you, now that we are almost a third of the way into 2021?

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