Thriving Through Rapid Change in Learning & Development (L&D)

Thriving Through Rapid Change in Learning & Development (L&D)

Thriving Through Rapid Change in L&D, Rebecca Sharp

In this ILP Online Masterclass, we had an action-oriented look at addressing mental health challenges facing many L&D professionals. To guide us through this important subject we had ILP Advocate Rebecca Sharp, a Learning & Organisational Development Specialist & Strategic Psychotherapist, The Sharp Mind.

Rebecca looked at:

  • Understanding the mental health challenges affecting our industry and the impact these have on us as professionals.
  • Introducing PERMA – the positive psychology model.
  • Checking in on our own wellbeing. As learning professionals, we typically spend our time in outward support mode. It is imperative that we provide ourselves with the fuel we need, particularly in challenging times. As the saying goes “put your own mask on first.”
  • This session will provide each of us with an opportunity to develop our own mental health toolkit and start a commitment to daily practices that are the foundations of our own resiliency against the external forces affecting our work.
  • Committing to taking up the 30-day feel-good challenge.

Rebecca Sharp, The Sharp Mind

As both a Learning & Organisational Development Specialist and a Strategic Psychotherapist, Rebecca has a unique cross-section of skills that allow her to work within organisations to support cultural and behavioural growth and create strategies to drive talent engagement and retention whilst also working one-to-one with clients to overcome mental health challenges, develop confidence and communication and unleash their unique talents.

One of the many participants gave us this feedback the next day…

Dear Bec, Bill and Kerry,

With renewed thanks for this refreshing, dynamic and thoughtfully designed session. I enjoyed it immensely and walked away very grateful to have taken the time (which could have been easily eaten by my crazy day). My soul is so grateful I did!

Thank you

Carole Vacher

This Masterclass is ended. if you are ILP member then you can login to watch the Masterclass Recording

Rebecca Sharp

Rebecca Sharp

Learning & Organisational Development Specialist

The Sharp Mind

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