The Rise and Rise of the Salesperson …

It would appear that today, many companies are employing less salespeople but is this really the case? Salesperson! There, I’ve said it. The “S” word. It seems that these days nobody employs salespeople any more. Oh, sure, they have lots of ‘account executives’, ‘territory manager’, ‘product consultants’, etc., but salespeople-no way!

But, call them what you will, the salesperson today, is more than ever, any company’s most important resource. When it comes to competing in the marketplace, when it comes to profit or loss, to growth or stagnation, the key to success lies in the hands of the salespeople! And, that’s not just my opinion.

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This article is written and contributed by David Jackson, The Sales Doctor. David Jackson CSP author of “Winning Through Service” is an international speaker and trainer on all sales and customer service aspects.