The Art of Reading Learners – Recorded ILP Masterclass

The Art of Reading Learners – techniques for everyday interactions.

With Alan Stevens, International Profiling and Communications Specialist

Recorded 3 August 2022

Everything was going fine but all of a sudden, they just switched off!

Have you ever had this happen to you?

Alan will share his techniques to help you read facial features to understand your learners, then get feedback and confirmation by reading their body language and micro expressions.

These techniques will help you:

  • to check if you have read them right
  • get your message across in the most effective manner
  • find out if learners have understood you
  • to put your sessions together and then fine tune on the spot

What if you could tell by just looking at them and instantly you knew:

  • how they took in information
  • how much information they needed and in what form
  • what motivates them
  • and how they were likely to respond in any situation

Imagine having the skills to ‘read’ a person instantly, understanding and engaging them faster. The same techniques can be used for any relationship, including clients, stakeholders, peers, etc

The session will be interactive with each person getting the chance to read each other.  Join in, learn, have fun and walk away with valuable new skills.

Alan Stevens

International Profiling and Communications Specialist
Leading authority in reading people to build successful negotiations and close deals faster
Creator and Host of The Campfire Project and #WeTogether initiative

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Lyndal Box

Alan Stevens

International Profiling and Communication Specialist

Human Pattern Recognition

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