The transformation of L and D

The Transformation of L&D – 2022 Workplace Learning Report

The Transformation of L&D - Learning leads the way through…
New Standards for L&D professionals

New Standards – Learning & Development Professionals

Exploring the New Standards for L&D professionals Our executive…

The impact of the professional ‘up-skiller’ on learning

As the world of work continues to develop, busy executives, rising stars or life-long learners are demanding new ways to access training and development opportunities that meet their immediate needs, while also providing the opportunity to future proof themselves. 

Stand out with the L&D Master benchmark

Certified Learning Professional (CLP) is the master professional…

How to choose the right L&D Professional?

Here is a guide that provides you with six important areas…
ILP Social Catch Up

Learning & Development meetups

The importance of taking the time to reflect, connect and learn. By…

Learning comes in many forms

The idea of learning has evolved greatly over the last few decades,…

Developing Presence…

Presence... /ˈprɛz(ə)ns/ noun the impressive manner…

Storytelling… it’s not just for kids

Being able to convey your message to your co-workers, manager,…