Stunning Slides for Online Presentations, Gihan Perera

Stunning Slides for Online Presentations, Gihan Perera

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Stunning Slides for Online Presentations, Gihan Perera

When you’re presenting in person, you can get away with a weak slide deck because it’s only a visual aid. But with an online presentation your slides ARE your visuals, and your slide deck makes a huge difference to your impact.

Text-heavy slides and bullet lists bore your audience and you lose their interest. That’s why you must design engaging visuals that grab attention, keep them interested, and enhance your message.

In this fabulous online presentation just as Covid-19 started to force L&D professionals to pivot to online, Gihan showed us some simple, but amazing tricks to make our online presentations more professional and engaging through the creation and use of creative and effective PowerPoint slides.

Gihan took us through:

* Strategies for designing and optimising slides for online presentations

* Tips to build attractive slides quickly and easily

* Sources of free and low-cost graphics you can use legally

* Little-known PowerPoint features that turn bullet lists into attractive graphics – in seconds!

Gihan Perera

Gihan Perera

Futurist, Motivational Speaker, Online Presenter, Author – Disruption, Talent, Leadership, The Future of Work

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