PI PL Insurance Faq

Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance Benefit

PI PL Insurance Faq

The insurance industry has been rapidly changing and we needed to find a partner who would be flexible in providing more options to cover ILP members.

You can simply wait until your current policy expires and then transition over to ILP’s exclusive insurance provider, Insurance Advisernet. Or transition over now by contacting our Insurance Manager – Amanda on 0415 105 671 [email protected]

  • Excess On Claims – Most Professional Indemnity Policies Have An Excess, The New Policy And Provider Have Nil Excess On Professional Indemnity Claims.
  • Unlimited Retroactive Cover – Most Policies Limit The Retroactive Date To Either The Start Of The Policy, The Start Date Of The Very First Professional Indemnity Policy The Insured Had, The Start Date Of The Business.
  • 7 Years Run-Off Cover – Run-Off Cover Is Usually Purchased When A Business Ceases And Can Be Very Expensive To Purchase, This Is Now Included In The New Policy.
  • Continuous Cover Clause – Not All Insurers Offer Continuous Cover Clauses. It’s Also Important To Understand That When Policies Are Underwritten By Syndicates (Such As Lloyds Of London) You May Not Be Aware Of Syndicate Members’ Changes That Could Affect The Continuous Cover For That Syndicate Portion Of The Claim.
  • In Early 2020 We Are Launching An Easy-To-Use Automated Insurance Payment System To Save You Time. The New System Will Be Integrated With The ILP Website So It Will Be Easier Than Ever To Arrange The Right Cover To Protect Your Business

Premiums may actually be less depending on your state or territory.

You will have unlimited retroactive (backdated) cover so your activities since you started business will be covered.

It provides you with indemnity for:

Civil Liability Claims– arising from breach of duty, unintentional defamations, unintentional infringement of intellectual property, loss of or damage to documents

Legal Costs and Expenses – costs of investigating, attending to court, defending and settling claims

Legal representation at inquiries– legal costs and representation at inquiries

Defamation – claims arising from unintentional defamation by ty the insured in the conduct of providing their professional services

Intellectual Property Infringement – claims arising from unintentional intellectual property infringements by ty the insured in the conduct of providing their professional services

Los of Documents– losses arising from damage to or destruction of documents for which the insured is legally responsible for

Public Relations Expenses– costs of engaging a public relations consultant to protect your reputation

Unlimited Retroactive Date– A retroactive (backdated) date sets the date from which the insurer will cover the insured for claims arising from your professional business advice or service. Any advice or service provided before that date is not covered, anything after that date is covered by the policy.

7 Years Run Off Cover – When any professional practice comes to an end, it is essential that it continues to benefit from Professional Indemnity cover for claims which may be made after the practice has ceased to trade, in respect of the work which was carried out. Because of the claims made nature of a policy it is essential that “run-off” cover is purchased. Cover is extended under this policy wording to automatically provide run-off cover for 7 years at no cost.

Continuous Cover – Professional indemnity policies are written on a Claims Made basis which generally excludes claims arising from circumstances known to the insured before the start of a new policy period. If, when then the notification is investigated and its shown that the insured did not disclose their knowledge of any potential claim this could lead to denial of the claim.

Continuous cover is there to extend cover under the policy to a claim arising out of a circumstance which could have been notified under a previous Professional Indemnity insurance policy but the insured, for whatever reason, did not. Note that for a continuous cover clause to apply, the insured must have been insured under a Professional Indemnity insurance policy with the same insurer, at the time they first became aware of the circumstance that eventually gives rise to the claim.

Estates and Legal Representatives– in the event of your death or incapacity, cover for your estate, heirs and legal representatives for claims arising from the professional services provided.

Principals Previous Business– cover extends to claims arising from Principal’s previous businesses provided they are the same type and nature as the business insured under this policy

Joint Venture Liability – you are covered for your activities when participating in a joint venture

Cyber and Privacy Infringement Liability– cover is provided for unintentional claims for cyber and Privacy Infringement liability arising from the insured’s internet content; the insured’s infringement of any right to privacy or the insured’s breach of confidence or misuse of confidential information held on its computer systems; or the insured’s failure to prevent an unauthorised party from access, use or tampering with computer systems

Public Liability protects your business for claims or losses from property damage or bodily injuring arising from your business.

No, your PI excess has decreased to nil, and your PL insurance has remained the same.

Yes, this is an exclusive benefit to ILP members only and you will need to supply your membership number.

Making a claim can be a daunting task, especially as it typically occurs at an already difficult time. With this in mind Insurance Advisornet see it as one of the most important times in the relationship with you. Insurance Advisornet will do everything they can to make the process as smooth and easy as possible, providing you with personal and locally-based claims advocacy and support.

This includes:

  • Understanding The Situation You Are Dealing With Quickly
  • Professional Advice And Support When Lodging The Claim
  • Arranging For An Insurance Assessor To Be Appointed, If Necessary
  • Organising Qualified Tradespersons To Assist You Locally When Required
  • Guiding You Carefully Through The Claim Process And Explaining What To Expect
  • Advocating On Your Behalf With Chubb Insurance
  • Providing Ongoing Advice To Ensure A Fair And Reasonable Settlement Occurs.

Contact our Insurance Manager – Amanda on 0415 105 671 [email protected]

Yes, provided the external classroom activities are under 5%.

Introducing our new Insurance Manager:

Amanda Croasdale has over 25 years experience in the insurance industry. Specialising in Professional Indemnity Insurance for professionals and Small Business Owners, Amanda is dedicated to understanding and assisting the unique insurance needs for ILP Members just like you.

If you have any further questions please contact on 0475 732 093, [email protected], or ILP on 1300 768 660.

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