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Strategic Surveys

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Strategic Surveys has been working with consultants, coaches and L&D professionals since 2014 to help bring their assessments and reports to life. We are an Australian company passionate about helping businesses and individuals connect with their clients and employees through offering a personalised, bespoke service to create complex online assessments.

We know that running a survey – even just for single users – and compiling results into meaningful reports can be an incredibly time consuming, difficult process.

We want to take the hard work out of the administration of these programs, particularly 360-degree and organisational programs where there can be hundreds of emails and results to manage, and let you get straight to your end goal – meaningful data and reports.

We can automate the generation of PDF, CSV, PowerPoint reports and much more – taking the risk of human error out of the process, and saving you time and money.

Using our own custom-built platform, we have developed the tools to be able to offer entirely customised surveys and reports to you and your users at a fraction of the cost of the off-the-shelf products. We do this by working with you, one-on-one, to clarify your needs and requirements, and to build the product that works for you from the ground up.

Strategic Surveys
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“The support you’ve provided to us has been fantastic; you’ve always been responsive and you’ve done a brilliant job at keeping both us and our client on the same page despite shifting deadlines, team changes and the ever-unpredictable nature of raters. It’s been a pleasure working with you!”

— Consultant at leading Australian management consulting firm —