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People and Culture – Recruitment and Development

Culture Shaper

People and Culture – Recruitment and Development

Everyone understands that having a well developed and accepted organisational culture contributes massively to an organisation’s level of productivity and that this leads to better bottom-line performance. So why are so few organisations proactively implementing culture development programs successfully?

The answer is that, whilst we all know that culture is crucial, articulating what your culture actually is and accessing metrics which aid development is very challenging.

That all changes when you deploy Culture Shaper!

Culture Shaper enables you to

  • Be a high-performance organisation with a measurable great culture.
  • Get in control of your culture with our tools, processes, and metrics.
  • Scalable recruitment and development solutions for large organisations, SME’s, Government Agencies, and Professional Recruiters.

Culture Shaper is affordable:

  • No expensive and complicated surveys.
  • No huge consultant’s fees.

Culture Shaper is non-disruptive – use alongside or in conjunction with whatever else you may currently be doing or have planned.

Not doing much with culture at the moment? Unclear how to progress? Culture Shaper is your perfect starting point.

What is the Apollo Profile?

Essentially the Apollo Profile Psychometric Personality Test provides a personalised report that can give individuals, consultants, and organisations insight on thirty-four factors that are commonly seen as contributing to career success.

Built for Organisations and Consultants

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Company recruiting an Accountant

It’s now been 6 months since we used the Cultural Profiler report to recruit for our Accountant role. During this time our selected candidate has proved herself to be a great cultural fit for both the wider organisation but more importantly the close-knit accounts team. She’s responded well to the dynamic of this team […]

Large Independent Boy’s College

To ensure the candidate would fit the specific culture of the role within the college, Culture Profiler was used, and the candidate has been an outstanding choice. The new employee has provided a new process of management and has generated positive support for the process amongst educational and executive personnel.

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