CCS Corporation

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CCS Corporation

Australia’s image card experts

We are the creators of the world-renowned CCS Cards — image cards and kits for professional facilitators and coaches. Our products are easy to use, well-supported, research-based, backed by experts, and loved by thousands — all over the world.

Our image cards and methods are trusted by learning professionals in pretty much every industry — because they work. For more than 25 years we have collaborated with experts and learning professionals to develop easy-to-follow and reliable ways to use the power of image cards to:

  • create trust and open communication
  • tap tacit knowledge
  • improve listening, sharing and collaboration
  • ensure participant from the whole group
  • and stimulate creativity.

We have packaged this expertise into easy-to-use kits and the comprehensive Unpacked: CCS User Manual — the definitive step-by-step reference that includes image card-driven activities and processes for most learning, training and coaching situations.

So, if you are a professional facilitator or coach looking for fresh, insightful, reliable tools to ensure clearer communication and better participation in groups of any size (face-to-face or virtual), your search is over.

CCS Corporation
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