The Learning Gym Masterclass

Masterclass: What makes Training really work? Recording

What makes Training really work?
Melanie Martinelli, co-founder of The Learning Gym

Recorded Tuesday 12th April 2022

What factors determine learning transfer success? How can L&D leaders, facilitators and consultants systematically increase the transfer of learning events? And which tools and interventions promote transfer effectiveness? In this session, we’ll explore some of the answers to these questions – answers which are scientifically sound and practically tested”

We will give you an overview of the 12 levers of transfer effectiveness which are the gist of 110 years of scientific research that Dr Ina Weinbauer-Heidel from the Institute for Transfer effectiveness ( reviewed. These 12 levers are focused on ensuring that the insights of a learning event are transferred into real life in a sustainable way. You will learn about the levers and how to apply them in tandem with the tools you’re already using to transfer learning.

Furthermore, we will go deeper into two of the levers:

  • Transfer Planning (a lever of the training design area)
  • Transfer Expectation (a lever of the organization area)

This session is for every experienced learning development professional who deals with developing, delivering and/or managing training programs (especially L&D managers, instructional designers and facilitators).

Melanie provided participants with a number of great learning transfer tools, that are also available with the masterclass recording.

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