Masterclass Integrating AI tools in your content workflow

Masterclass: Integrating AI tools in your content workflow

The Masterclass Event has concluded, and below you’ll find the recording:

This Masterclass will offer an insightful case study on the transformative impact of integrating AI into educational content workflows. Over the past year, the use of AI tools has led to an 80% increase in productivity by automating and enhancing various aspects of content creation—from generating written materials to producing instructional videos.

These advancements have reduced the time and cost associated with traditional methods, significantly improving efficiency.

The case study will highlight specific AI technologies such as HeyGen for creating realistic AI avatars and Eleven Labs’ voice generation technology, demonstrating their practical application in creating high-quality educational content. Overall, this case study exemplifies how AI integration can revolutionise instructional design, offering scalable, cost-effective solutions for educational content providers.

Presenter: Dan Hill

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