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JD Dillon Interview. This can be life changing for an L&D professionals. The Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP) is a leading industry body for learning and development (L&D) professionals in Australasia. We currently represents over 1500 L&D professionals across Australia, New Zealand and other international areas, as well as the wider L&D community. ILP has three core areas to support our members: Our memberships offer unparalleled value, through a wide range of discounts, benefits, resources and services. Our professional development opportunities are highly practical, with the focus being on helping L&D professionals improve the quality of learning for their attendees and outcomes for their clients. Our Leaning Hub centre provides professional workspaces, resources, training and meeting rooms to aid our members to foster collaboration and connections. ILP is committed to continue leading the learning evolution to raise the benchmarks and standards in the L&D industry. We believe the L&D sector can deliver so much more than is currently offered, through research, innovation, techniques and quality connections. ILP supports a diverse range of L&D professionals, both independent and corporate as well as RTOs. We help them to achieve success in their careers or business, build dynamic programs and connect with peers, clients and vendors. It is important for us to make a positive impact, not just for our members, but also the wider community. This is why ILP contributes to the work of the B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1) program. We facilitate the growth and value of the learning and development industry and professionals for today and the future. In essence, we share your passions and desire to create a highly valued and respected learning and development industry.

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