Interested in becoming an ILP Advocate?

ILP Advocate Teams play an important role in supporting members at a local level, as well as undertaking a range of activities to promote the ILP mission. Advocates play an important role in adding value to our members while simultaneously gaining recognition and value for themselves.

Advocates Teams are initially allocated to geographical regions, but liaise across regions and advocate and contribute broadly across the L&D industry.

The role has been established to assist by:

  • Providing local support and initiatives to members, including hosting local events,

  • Contributing to ILP masterclasses, blogs, newsletters, events, and L&D Resources,

  • Actively raising ILP awareness through social media interaction,

  • Helping ILP with member relationships to support retention, growth, and service to its members,

  • Committing to 1-2 hours each month, spread over the month, to actively supporting ILP.

If you are interested in becoming a part of an ILP Advocate Team, and receive recognition as a leader in the L&D community through that association, please complete the form below and we’ll be in contact to discuss this with you. Thanks in advance:

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