InSights Mentoring Program

Continue your professional development by participating in ILP’s inSight Mentoring program.

Once you complete your L&D Capability Assessment, you will be able to connect with available mentors to help with your development areas.

Mentoring relationships are usually involve three or four contact sessions via telephone, skype or face-to-face.

Mentee Benefits

  • Free professional development opportunity
  • Access to ILP Fellows acknowledged as experts in their respective fields
  • Access to independent and objective perspectives
  • A ‘personalised’ development opportunity to address individual learning needs
  • Provides an opportunity to develop new skills and expertise
  • Enhances confidence in dealing with challenges and issues
  • Expand professional network
  • Encouragement and support to achieve goals
  • Demonstrate strengths and explore potential
  • Be challenged to use talents and share expertise

Mentor Benefits

  • Recognition for being an ILP Mentor
  • Sharing experiences with motivated professionals
  • Satisfaction in enhancing skills in helping someone else to grow
  • Gain fresh perspectives through interaction
  • Further development of skills including providing feedback, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Investing in the future of other professionals
  • Expand professional development network
  • Staying in touch with emerging issues
  • Opportunity to reflect on own ideas and practices and learn new perspectives and approaches
  • Re-affirm role as subject matter experts and leaders
  • Enhance skills in coaching, listening and modelling


I found the ILP mentoring program an invaluable resource to help give me external input and support into particular focus areas of business growth by an impartial and experienced professional. Being mentored by someone in the same field made all the difference, and Dennis was an excellent mentor match for me. His insightful, energetic and deliberate approach challenged me and gave me new tools and new perspectives to the business areas I wanted to develop. The program was incredibly effective, and involvement was easy through it’s design of four structured sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.


Mentoring is a process of where a highly experienced L&D professional provides and support in relevant development areas.

Email the ILP National Mentoring Program Advisor Bill Jarrard ([email protected]) to register your interest. or Submit this form to Register your interest.

ILP will provide up to a maximum of four (4) one hour sessions over a three month period starting from the date of the first session.

While ILP will provide a maximum of four (4) one hour sessions over a three month period, time extensions must be re-negotiated in writing with the national mentoring program advisor Bill Jarrard ([email protected]). Submit this form to Register your interest. Fees will apply.

While each mentee will have different objectives and requirements, mentoring is a guided process of shared experience and learning. The format will usually involve the mentee identifying what their reasons are for being mentored and what outcomes they wish to achieve. From then on, they work closely with their mentor discussing different ideas, strategies or actions that may assist the mentee in meeting their objectives and requirements.

As long as the mentee has discussed this with their current mentor and advised the national mentoring program advisor Bill Jarrard ([email protected]), Submit this form to Register your interest, a new mentor will be assigned.

Yes. While the mentor is required to log the sessions and keep records of the mentee’s objectives and requirements, along with any ideas, strategies or actions agreed, these records will be treated confidentially. Both the mentor and the mentee will also sign a confidentiality agreement at their first session.

Both the mentor and mentee will sign an agreement with ILP stating that at no time (without the express prior written permission of ILP) will they continue and or initiated any contact of a commercial nature outside of this mentoring program. ILP reserves the right levy fees should this agreement be breached.

Yes, subject to their availability.

No, mentors are providing a free and time-based service only to their mentees. Should mentees wish to engage their ILP mentor in any other capacity outside the mentoring program, mentees are required to contact the national mentoring program advisor Bill Jarrard ([email protected]). or Submit this form to Register your interest.