Improvisation in Learning and Development (L&D)

Improvisation in Learning and Development (L&D)

Improvisation in L&D

Recorded – 8 June 2022

Professional learning and development (L&D) trainers and facilitators, as well as coaches, mentors, and strategic planners regularly need to improvise, but may or may not know that is what they are doing.  Whether it is managing disruptive or disengaged participants; shifting the focus or approach; co-training with a colleague, or even working through an unexpected sudden lack of confidence, the ability to seamlessly react and bring things back on course, and deliver on expectations, is vital.  This is part of the role of the L&D professional to ensure the transfer of learning, and that often means thinking on our feet.

Improvising is an essential skill when role-playing, managing difficult conversations or maintaining your own focus.  In this ILP Masterclass Ricky Nowak will share her experience using improvisation in facilitating learning in both a face-to-face and online setting.  Understanding the nature of improvisation, and how to potentially build it into learning experience design, and be ready to bring it into effective action takes skills and understanding of a number of things.

In this interactive session Ricky took us through the forms of improvisation, help us to unpack it, and share her hints and tips with us. And we will almost certainly hear some great stories from participants.  This is a masterclass you really want to attend live.

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Ricky Nowak

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