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Virtual Classroom
50- ILP Masterclass – Critical Thinking for Design of Learning
ILP Masterclass - Critical Conversations
Think RAPT Free Masterclass
FLMT is seeking to take on more Contract_Freelance Facilitators
5 way thinking graph
The Technology of Participation™
Harness Your Genius for Impact, Renée Hasseldine
Developing a Learning Mindset in your Learner
Top Six Learning Trends - 2021
Overcoming Challenges Business Women Face
63- Learning How to Learn is the Only Super-Power you need
The truth about why the training industry fails to help organisations
66- Proposals for the provision of Executive and Leadership Coaching
Writing for results
69- Same Team, Different Sides
70- A conversation about the future of offices and remote work
71- Geelong Design Week 18 – 28 March 2021
72- Transform Face-to-Face Training into Online eLearning, David King
73- Engendering Growth Mindsets in Training Rooms, Adam Le Good
Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
75- 7 Logical Levels – Truly Understand Your Learners, Martin Probst
76- Understanding Diversity and Inclusion
77- Ready-Set-Go-Show for Effective Training
Truth about motivation
79- How eLearning Brings Complex Topics to Life
80- Future Trends for Workplace Digital L&D, Rod Beach
2020 Success Stories in L&D
82- What are learning theories and why are they important for learning design
Using Your Smartphone To Create Multimedia Content
84- AI and Chatbots – Transfer of Learning, Emma Weber
85- The Use of Stories in L&D, Shawn Callahan
Lights Camera Action
The Brain And Neuroscience
Personal Branding
CCS Image Cards
90- New Standards – Learning & Development Professionals
Future Of Learning & Development Post Covid 19
Design Thinking in Learning
Virtual Training Hints and Tips
95- Position Yourself for Success on LinkedIn
97- Stunning Slides for Online Presentations, Gihan Perera
Staying Confident
Create Positive Impact in Front of the Camera

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